Hypos or low blood sugar, a side effect most commonly associated with insulin, are perceived as a significant burden not just for the people living with diabetes, but also for their family members.
The multi-national TALK-HYPO1 survey of 4,300 family members of people living with diabetes reported that talking about hypos with their relatives with diabetes could bring them closer together.
64% of family members of people with diabetes are worried or anxious about the risk of hypoglycemia in their relatives1
74% of the study participants state that they spend less time on, or forgo entirely, other activities such as hobbies, holidays or being with other friends or family as a result1
76% of the respondents believe that having more conversations about hypos can lead to a positive impact on the life of their relative living with diabetes1
43% report that the primary barrier to these conversations is their relative with diabetes not wanting to talk about hypos1

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